Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Acupuncture should be a pain-free experience.  You probably won’t feel most points as the needles go in.  Some points may be more powerful than others and you may experience sensation in these areas.  If this is the case, we can easily make changes to increase your comfort level. 

Yes!  We can use smaller (and thinner) needles for kids.  Children are generally comfortable with acupuncture and it is totally safe for them to receive it.

This depends on your condition.  Some people will respond immediately to acupuncture and others take longer.  I usually recommend four sessions, once a week to see how you respond.  After that, we can discuss your options.  Many people try acupuncture for a certain problem and end up using it as part of a regular maintenance program (once a month for example).

 For cosmetic acupuncture a series of ten treatments is a general recommendation, followed up by monthly maintenance appointments.

Most companies provide coverage for services provided by a registered acupuncturist.  I am also a registered massage therapist and if you have a soft tissue injury or problem (back pain, tension headaches, neck pain) you can use your massage therapy benefits for your treatment.  Please check with your provider to verify coverage before your appointment. 

Yes, some people feel so relaxed while they are resting with their needles in that they fall asleep.  Don’t worry, it is common and I will gently wake you when it’s time to take the needles out.

Please wear whatever you are comfortable in.  Depending on your main complaint we might just put needles in your extremities.  In this case loose comfortable clothing is appropriate.  I always have lots of fresh linens and blankets on hand though, so we can make it work, whatever you are wearing.

For your first appointment, please book one hour.  We need the extra time to do an assessment, tongue and pulse diagnosis and discuss treatment options.  After your first appointment we can discuss treatment times moving forward.  For one area of concern, I recommend 30 minutes.  If you have multiple issues or would like to incorporate cupping and other modalities in your treatment, 45-60 minutes would be suitable.

Before your treatment it is a good idea to have a light snack.  When you arrive for your appointment, please wait in your car until I wave you in.

At your first appointment we will discuss your main complaint and I will ask you a variety of questions.  Chinese Medicine looks at most body systems and how they are functioning.  I will check your pulse and look at your tongue.  These are two important diagnostic tools used to see how your organ systems are functioning.  You will receive an acupuncture treatment at your first appointment and we will discuss if cupping and other modalities are appropriate to incorporate. 

While the needles are in place, I will let you rest.  I will make sure you are comfortable and I’ll always be nearby in case that changes.  I usually play relaxing music or a guided meditation during this time.  It is ok to fall asleep.

After acupuncture most people report that they feel less pain, sleep better and feel very relaxed and calm.  It is a good idea to go home for a rest after your session and enjoy your “acu buzz”.